How Love Drives You Crazy

Love – that same true love – has to be dramatic, passionate and emotional. We do not notice the moment when passion turns into pathology. Sometimes love and unhealthy relationships can become a catalyst, “the last straw”, provoking manic, delusional, depressive and other states.

I came across one article about relationships with no perspective. So, it is about what kind of relationship does not lead anywhere, what the signs of such communication are and how to define it. The article itself is not bad, but there is one point in it that confused me a little. It sounds something like this: if you understand that you have fallen in love, as they say, it is crazy. Then you urgently need to run away, since such a strong love does not bring anything good. The author claims that such feelings are dangerous, because in the end they will simply destroy the couple. This moment made me think. On the one hand, the thought is correct. Everyone has probably heard a bunch of stories about how such strong love impulses ended in tragedies. Indeed, in a period of strong love, we do not see anyone and anything except our object of adoration.

But on the other hand, my dear friends, a relationship is always a risk. The risk that they will hurt us, that they will not understand us, they will take our money (this is more related to men’s fears) and roll off into the dark night. Even in those days when parents agreed on marriages and everything seemed to be as clear as day, there was still a risk. Because the partner could turn into the most unpleasant person in the neighborhood or just a crazy freak. That is, it turns out that it would be logical to be afraid of relations in principle, because all of them, for one reason or another, can be doomed to failure and you can always find factors that will say that there is no prospect in them.

Though let` get back to the statement from the article. It seems to me that such a love is crazy and really can be dangerous, why? Because as a result of such a union, we get two lovers who do not see anything at all around them. Yes, such people can quickly “burn out,” they can do stupid things, but after all, it is precisely such couples that we admire, that is what we want to be in our hearts ourselves. In the end, we have only one life, and it must be passed through in such a way that before death we have something or somebody to remember.

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