How many languages do you speak?

When we learn a new language, we learn new ourselves.

How many languages do you know the word “Hello” in? How many of you will be able to warm the soul of the second half, saying,”I love you,” “Je t`ame,” “Ich liebe dich”? How dramatically will you say goodbye, using other variations to the word “goodbye”?

I am sure that many of you want to know and be fluent not only in your native language but also to learn a new, completely different one, so heavy at the beginning and so sweet-sounding at the end. As I wandered through the cozy streets of the Czech Republic, I had the opportunity to hear many languages: romantic French, ringing Italian, fast Chinese and many others. I often wonder how each language is unique and beautiful in its own way. For a long time in my plans, I have longed for adding a new foreign language in my piggy Bank of Knowledge. At first, my choice fell on Spanish, Italian or Japanese. Suddenly for me, I pitched upon  Czech.

Why not? I am only at the beginning of the path, it will be long and thorny, but the result should justify all efforts. You just need patience.

As they say — how many languages you know — so many times, you are a man. After all, there are so many peoples on our planet; so many unique meetings are waiting for each of us, so many people and even more stories from each of them. Knowledge of languages breaks down all barriers and opens new doors to an unprecedented world… Another language, another soul…The door handle is in your hands, just turn it…

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