How Masha Tricked Big Bear

(Derailed fairy tale)

Once there lived an old couple. They had granddaughter Masha. One day Masha’s friends decided to go to the forest and came for her.

Grandpa and Grandma let the girl go with them, but asked to be more careful. Children came to the forest and began to hunt for some berries and mushrooms. Masha followed them but got lost. The poor girl tried to find the right way for a long time before she saw a little hut. Masha knocked on the door but no one replied. She pushed the door and it opened.

“Hmm, who lives here?” she thought. While the girl was thinking, she cleaned all rooms and cooked dinner. Late in the evening a Big Bear returned to the hut and saw Masha. He screamed happily:

“Got you! Now I’ll never let you go away!”

Days went by, so Masha started to think about how she could get away from the Bear. One day she said to him,

“My dear friend, I want to close a deal with you.”

“Ha-ha-ha, silly little girl, what can you offer me?” the Bear replied.

It was all that Masha wanted to hear. She baked some pies, put them in a basket, and said,

“We can open our delivery service called ‘Masha and The Bear.’ I suggest that you should join the company. You’ll get 40 % of assets. All you have to do is to go with me to my village. My Granny will be an economist. She will help us with the documentation. These pies are our start-up capital!”

The Bear liked the business idea and happily agreed to go with the girl. When they almost came to the right house, Masha asked the Bear to wait for a little. She did not tell him that her grandfather used to work in the police and had an alarm button at home. After a couple of minutes later, his workmates arrived and detained the Bear under Article 146 of The Criminal Law of Ukraine (“Unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping”).

So the Bear in pursuit of profit was punished for his atrocity crimes.

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