How much do you cost? How to understand what salary to name at the job interview…

Experts would recommend assessing the level of wages according to several criteria.

Evaluate salary forks. This can be done on employment sites such as or (or others that correspond to your field of activity). There you can see the lower and upper limits of salaries. But you need to look very carefully at the profiles of candidates who apply for a certain level of the salary — what they already have, what is not yet — and compare the experience of these candidates with their own.

Contact people who are already working in this position and ask about the level of salaries in this area. In order not to be overwhelmed by the question of the salaries of these people, you can ask how much your specialists usually earn.

It will be useful to talk to a familiar HR specialist. If you do not have such acquaintances in the companies targeted for you, I think that you should try to find out about salaries in the field you are interested in through another HR or recruiter.

The level of the salary is influenced by many factors — from work experience, qualifications, additional training to the scale of the company. For example, in the same position in a small business with about 50 employees, and in a large medium-sized company — for 350 people, salary funds can vary greatly. And in big business they can generally offer twice or even three times higher salary than in small business in a similar position. Therefore, all these parameters need to be addressed comprehensively.

Knowledge of a foreign language is also important. Many vacancies now require knowledge of English or other foreign languages. Positions that require a high level of English are valued more highly by the employer than the same position, but without the required language skills.

In addition, important cases that you had to solve in the course of professional activities. If the vacancy describes specific problems that can be solved with the help of experience gained in solving previous problems, or in general the problem is consistent with your cases, the salary level may be higher than without such experience. For example, a company is looking for an HR specialist who can build a corporate university. If you already have experience building a university, development department or learning from scratch, you can claim a higher salary…

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