How my winter holidays became the best and the worst part of the season?

I really enjoy winter because of this magic atmosphere and a lot of holidays. For me, it’s time to live and feel all the love that you have in your heart. But this year it wasn’t as always. I was tired even when all day I was at home and had done nothing. I was lonely even when there were my family or friends. It was like a big hole in my life without any possibility to survive. I tried a lot of things but nothing helped; therefore, I decided to change something dramatically, so I went to my grandma’s house and was there for the whole week. It was my type of vacation. I grabbed a few books, my lively laptop with old classic movies and a bit of hope to change my mind and to become healthy, wealthy and wise…again…at least in my thoughts.

It was THAT decision! I was happy just to read all that I could, to walk in the forest with a good mood, to eat the best dishes of my Grandma, to remember the sage saying of my Grandpa…

I had read “The Miracle Morning” and got sudden enlightenment, “Day in and day out I should run like a hamster in a wheel doing all home chores at hand! The more I do the deeper the in-depth insights!” I started waking up even earlier than before. I’m a morning person so it wasn’t hard but I found a lot of reasons to wake up at a crack of dawn and to be hilariously happy. I was obsessed with reading and it helped me forget about all the bad things. I know it sounds foolish a bit but I think it happens with everyone. One day comes and changes you from the tiptoes till the top of your ‘slob knob’ but it will never be lasting forever. Sometimes you just need to find what to do and to be mad-bent to it (not in a bad way).

This winter is one of the best but I’m looking forward to spring!

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