How not to go crazy on quarantine?

“Diligence is the soul of all work and the key to prosperity.”
(Charles Dickens)

The current global situation is haunting us. The whole society is now at home, together with their families, in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. It is very difficult to predict when it will all end. Doctors around the world, day and night, help poor people, who unfortunately had the Covid-19. And all we can do is stay at home.

It seems like nothing complicated – sit at home. On the contrary, it’s cool, after all. You don’t have to go anywhere (except for shops and pharmacies, of course), all your studies and work are now in a remote format. I will spend time with benefit, I will do something useful. Personally, in such a way, I thought the first two weeks, until I began to gradually go crazy. All this routine began to influence me very strongly. And I decided to somehow solve this problem. That is why I want to advise how you can keep yourself busy on this unpaid vacation.

  1. The most effective and popular way is to watch TV shows and movies. Yes, no matter how trivial it is, but this is the best option, as for me. To fulfill such desires, there are many services such as Netflix. This is a great opportunity to watch fascinating and high-quality TV shows where you can learn English. Well, or if you are lazy, you can eat popcorn and watch movies in your native language.
  2. The second discovery in the quarantine for me was cooking. I would never have thought that I could make such a delicious cheesecake and make the first mushroom cream soup in my life. There are millions of recipes. Everyone can choose something for themselves. As much as I love sweets, I have already cooked a lot of things at home and was satisfied. Well, you, if you like meat or fragrant pastries, do not be afraid to experiment and get started! This skill is clearly not superfluous.
  3. If you are a creative person, there are many options for not restricting yourself at home and directing your creativity in the right direction. There are hundreds of options. You can redraw your favorite picture. Take a beautiful video. Make unusual photos at home. Speaking of me, I’m also a little obsessed with this. That is why I decided to decorate my favorite gym shoes. Even if the drawing doesn’t work out as a professional artist does, it’s quite the opposite. In this way, you will show your creative outlook, your thinking, your ‘handwriting.’ Creative people cannot be quarantined.

These 3 main tips I wanted to convey to you. Decide what you like best. What attracts you more? What repels? Do not sit at home with your hands clasped. Dare and develop! And the coronavirus will disappear and you will not notice.

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