How not to start hating your job?

Do you know that there are three main factors that trigger the emotional burnout of employees?
1. High load daily tasks.
2. Lack of rest after a working day.
3. Conflict and tension in the team.

Even one factor already complicates the work and now imagine that you have three at once.

What needs to be done so that the work is high, things are done, and relaxed?

  1. Find balance

Human work consists of tasks. The more there are, the more difficult it is to understand which ones are worth doing now and which ones are not important at all. Eisenhower’s matrix is ​​certainly not a panacea, but balance will definitely help to find.

  1. What am I doing now?

Ask yourself this question more often to understand and focus your attention on current tasks. Perhaps you are burning because you are doing tasks out of order of priority?

  1. Organize all affairs for 1 day in advance

It is very important to write down your tasks for the day ahead in order to distribute your time. So, you can immediately start the day with the most difficult ones and leave your lungs for the evening.

  1. Clearly state why you should stay in this place now.

If you cannot leave, then you have a good reason. These reasons are not just a deterrent, but also the benefits that this particular position brings to you specifically in this company. Take a look at the situation from this angle and formulate the found reason in a positive way.

For example, “I cannot change my job because the labor market is in a difficult situation and I’m unlikely to find anything worthwhile”, we transform it into “I remain at my work so as to ensure stability for myself and my family.” Sounds different, right? As soon as you see a useful component in the circumstances, it will become easier for you to change your attitude to the current work.

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