How the city of ancient myths met us

Kalimera! Wow! That was just before coronavirus hysteria…A bit about our journey. From an airplane, the city seemed incredible. As if scattered pieces of white Lego on a green carpet. We arrived just at the time of the rally when all public transport stopped its movement. We were lucky; we met women from Kyiv, with whom we shared the sky-high price for a taxi to the center.

Center? More like a huge anthill. And if everything is very harmonious in the anthill, then chaos reigns here. Athens is the embodiment of chaos under the guise of a city.

The traffic is so crazy that you can compare it with thoughts in the head of the madmen of Arkham. There are traffic rules, but who the hell are they for? Crazy guys on sports bikes, taxi drivers with burning eyes looking for tourists’ wallets and a lot of local “Schumachers” – a solyanochka of madness, isn’t it?

With all this, the Athens police are simply stylish clowns, wiping their motorcycles to shine. They do not care about violators. The main thing is that they are cool. There are so many offenders that lawlessness just soars in the air. Immigrants from the Far East and smelly Albania captured all areas. Earn on looting and fraud. Unfortunately, we felt this in our own skin.

Nevertheless, Athens is fascinating! The way the Greeks combine concrete buildings with nature takes the brain with its feet forward. The nature of Athens is so gorgeous that every writer will lose his crown epithets, trying to describe it completely. A lot of flowerpots around the city, trees of tangerines and lemons, cacti, flowers, needles and much more that I don’t even know …

Why is there a lot of greenery? Climate. Greece has an ideal climate that allows it to grow almost the entire “wet dream of a botanist.” And get here, under the warm rays of the sun and a pleasant wind, truly awesome.

Cats like it too. There is a feeling that the Greeks cult on these pussies. Cats are everywhere. They are in the mountains, among narrow streets, and on the roofs. Lovely, well-groomed and shy. It is unlikely that you can find a street where they don’t have a bowl of goodies.

Food. She is divine. Although we were not able to try a lot, it was easy to draw a conclusion. I have not tried so delicious cuisine yet. What is Saganaki worth – fried cheese, in short.

Greeks are very kind people. They are simple and calm. With pleasure they will help and prompt. And an employee of one of the local taverns hospitably made a tasting of dishes for us and treated him to a delicious drink made from the tears of a unique tree. Sorry I did not remember the name.

Local music allows your ears to receive rhythmic orgasms, and the color of the songs from the Greeks makes your legs splash. Music perfectly conveys the culture of Greece.

And yet, despite all the flaws, Athens managed to enchant us. Either “magic of Aphrodite” did this or the magic of Greek women. But in fact – all at once! Space city. And here you need to come.

Again a little about food. Feta is gorgeous here! Let this be the point of this journey.

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