For a lot of us (myself included), it`s hard to stay productive throughout the quarantine.

With the stripes between work and our home laziness being more blurred than ever, and the expectation of always being available 24/7, it may feel exceptionally challenging to sit down and do what we need to do and remain productive.

Keep reading to learn which productivity hacks are the most effective.

  1. Start with the easier item on your to-do list.

Procrastination often results from a feeling of free-floating anxiety. For example, have you ever looked at a daunting list of to-dos and felt stressed by the mere sight of it? When you start off your day, tick off one or two of the easier tasks first. Maybe it`s just going through your emails, or perhaps it`s finalizing a meeting with your colleagues. By simply completing just one or two tasks first thing, you`ll feel encourages to continue the productive streak.

  1. Remove any ambiguity.

Ambiguity is one major underlying cause of procrastination. For instance, have you ever looked at your schedule and your task list and wondered what steps were necessary to complete a specific task? Remove all ambiguity by outlining the steps necessary to complete all tasks. If possible, break down largest tasks into smaller ones. This way when you`re tackling your to-dos, there`s no room for ambiguity.

  1. Prioritize your most important tasks.

This hack goes hand-in-hand with the previous one listed, but it`s just as important. At the start of each day, be sure to outline your top three most important tasks, and make sure to knock them out by the end of the day. Be specific in what those tasks are and what it takes to mark them as, “complete.”

  1. Schedule specific times to check emails.

This productivity hack can be a real time saver every day. Assign specific times throughout the day to check your email. For example, once at ten in the morning, then again at once in the afternoon, and perhaps at four-thirty before you leave work for the day.

  1. Batch you tasks.

Group your similar tasks together as you`re working throughout the day. For example, batch social tasks together, like scheduling meetings or appointments.

  1. Take breaks.

One of the greatest productivity hacks is to give your brain adequate time to regroup and refresh. Humans work best when they balance the period of intense focus with rest and relaxation. Tale plenty of time to give your brain a break it deserves, so that you can return to work and be productive.

This is why it`s important to learn the productivity hacks that will actually work so that you can get back on track and break the procrastination cycle.

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