How to Be Result-Oriented

(and not to waste your life)

“The secret to success is to learn to use pain and pleasure instead of pain and pleasure using you. If you learn to do this, you will take control of your life. If not, life will take control of you” — Tony Robbins.

Probably each of us is constantly accumulating cases that we started to do, but for some reason have not finished. Sometimes difficult circumstances demand it, sometimes we are just lazy, sometimes we postpone it to “tomorrow”, which never comes because we keep postponing it to infinity, sometimes there is no inspiration. But why are we so easily able to “bring to an end” all the simple and harmful things? The answer is simple: we are not too motivated to make our lives better and better. I have collected for you some handy-dandy tips on how to become more productive and bring all your started work to an end.

  1. Expected result

The first thing to start with is to imagine the end result, what you expect to get. In detail, outline the situation in which you have already achieved success through the work you have finished, enjoy these thoughts and emotions. This will encourage and motivate you to do tasks faster and more inspiringly. For example, by embroidering with beads, say what a beautiful painting will hang in your room.

  1. Little victories

If your goal is global and takes a lot of time to complete, then to make this process is much more enjoyable to break it down into small parts, and after each successfully completed part to please yourself a little surprise. For example, if your goal requires 6 months of effort, then every 2 months, do a certain amount of work and forgive yourself a small gift. In this way, you encourage yourself to accomplish the tasks and motivate yourself in a certain way to work on the next steps.

  1. Countdown

There’s one little trick to make your way easier. When you’re just starting something (like writing 10 chapters of a book) you think, “I already wrote 1,2,3 … …chapters,” and when you’ve already done half the work, you start the countdown. The brain begins to perceive what you have left to the end and work more productively. This secret will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

  1. ‘Tomorrow is the best choice but not today’

Another equally effective way to get yourself to work is to start today and to tell yourself that you can always quit if something goes wrong…but to start today. Come Hulk or High water! And do this exercise every day. Yes, your brain will take the last “today” for a long time and you will be able to achieve results.

  1. Priorities

An important point to make all your dreams come true. If you give yourself 1-3 months to accomplish a goal, then not achieving your goal means admitting to yourself and the world that you are a ‘lousy looser.’ If it is more important for you to go running every night instead of going to clubs, and get what you want even if it takes 3 bloody months! The priority should be only one, learn to choose, it is crucial for winners.

  1. Stress and despair

There are several stages of success in achieving results, and the intermediate between desperation and successful completion is information optimism. Despair is the very turning point when it is decided whether you will be able to survive to the end and still achieve yours, or the stress is stronger than yours. In such moments, it is better through pain, despair and lack of energy and inspiration just to work towards your dreams. The winners are distinguished by the way they know how to overcome a moment of despair.

  1. Blimey! Remember the moments of glory!

After each goal or successful completion, record your emotions and feelings at that moment. Your smartphone is a good choice! This will help you to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes in the time of hardship. Being down in the dumps, watch the video / audio footage and immerse yourself in the emotions of achieved success. It will help you to get resilience and to meet new challenges!

And remember: the more we overcome ourselves, the stronger we are. The stronger we are, the higher our self-esteem. The higher our self-esteem, the more we feel that we deserve more. The more we deserve, the better the choice of priorities. The better the choice, the better life expects us in the future! That’s all — make the right choice!

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