How to become prominent: 5 trouble-free ways


First of all, as Alexandr Voloshyn said, “you need to be a genious.” Kinda incomprehensible point, agree? But anyway I’m willing to tell you the steps for that.

  1. Open your strong sides and be funny when you see yourself weak. This way you won’t have any haters:) People will see that strong personality is talking to them. So, it leads to respect.

  2. Endeavour to a good content. You know, nobody wants to see “snapchat photos with ears” and read professional stuff from a CEO-manager below. Try to be regular in posting and in this way you will teach your audience at what time and on what days they should expect your new content.

  3. You must be interested in your life first. And broadcast it. So in such ways you’ll motivate your audience to become better every say. So if you are still don’t see yourself in this world — come up with an idea and try to achieve it in stream. You need to do something; everyone will wanna try after you.

  4. Help others. Now it’s the really high topic. By helping others (people, animals, etc.) you’ll get a lot of reposts. People want to feel that they could do some good or even godly things, especially now. Well, if you had doubts about people hand…Don’t have it anymore.

  5. Don’t be afraid to be open to your followers, and they become your friends, ready to solve your problems if you ask.

And now could you please share your thoughts below?))

Of course, like, repost and try to use these ideas as soon as possible!

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