How to Change Life in New Year? 

In the morning we wake up with a joyful presentiment that at last a completely new life starts, more successful and more cheerful. But … the miracle for some reason does not happen. All this occurs because we have to cast our own spells and to do the miracles ourselves. Our thoughts and actions shape a desirable life. I would like to share my own five tips concerning the so pressing point, “How to change everything in the New Year?” 

1. Let the hope always live in your heart. 
Leave the freight of bitter memories and unpleasant events in the passing year. Forget all failures and disappointments which tortured your soul last year. Take a big garbage package and put there all things and thoughts reminding you of something bad. You will throw it out or bring it to your summer cottage or dacha and burn this stuff to ashes.

2. When does happiness knock at your door? 
“It is not necessary to look for happiness, be engaged better in another matter and, perhaps, you will find the happiness of which you did not even dream.” I once read  this aphorism long ago and remembered it for the whole life.

3. Love people. 
Take care and love those people who surround you and are close to you. Love back those who deserve it. Try not to communicate with those people who influence you badly, spoil your moodor bring some negative dissonance to your family. If you play with dogs, you will get fleas. It is not important either they are relatives or not, don`t grant them the right to get on your nerves.

4. Be engaged in what is lovely. 
Find work according to your liking. Some people think that it is difficult to earn a living by such work. Nevertheless, It is possible. A soul business can turn into a hobby to which the person gives all the free time. And how about your work? If the most part of life you spend doing an absolutely humdrum work, you not only turn into a clockwatcher but  slowly kill time measured to you too. I remember a story about one guy who lived not far from my house: he wanted to be a photographer, but he had no money for the good equipment. On reflection, he  began to work as the janitor just to save some money he needed so much. Now he takes photos professionally and even set up his own studio. Don`t you remember the story about a famous actress who somehow admitted that at the beginning of the career she washed the floors in the theater of her dream? Even if your way to the purpose is thorny, do not give up.­

5. Let your plans come true! 
Write a list of what you want to do in the coming year. Let there be not only vital matters in it, such as repairing and buying new things but also something completely unusual for you. Name it like this, “That I have never tried in my life, but really want to. Something unusual!”

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