Buying a property is a big step! Regardless of whether you buy your first home, a dream apartment or another financial investment, you make a careful and prudent choice. But one thing remains unchanged: coziness and comfort should work in unison. Therefore, the investment house ‘Pechersk Assembly’ real estate offers unique apartments, created with a soul, with the best view of Kyiv, which you will fall in love at first sight. Finding the perfect home for your criteria is just one way to help you with your property purchase. Providing real estate services, we have constant access to experts in all related fields, from notaries to design.


  • Developed infrastructure of the district

Buying a home is done with a future perspective. Your informed decision must be supported by the improvement of the courtyard and the comprehensively developed infrastructure of the place you have chosen. Think in advance where you will shop for groceries, park your car, drive children to kindergarten or school, go to the gym and visit the clinic.

  • Property purchase or rental agreement

Trust, but verify – be sure to conclude a contract of sale. Thus, you will protect yourself and reduce the risks of buying an apartment, especially in the secondary market. Also check the owners of the apartment and the status of all utility bills.

  • House material

Before buying an apartment, ask when and what the house itself is built from. If you are going to do a redevelopment, consider that it will be much more difficult to realize this in a panel building, because the bearing walls cannot be removed there. In a monolithic-frame building, the internal sound insulation is better and warmer than the external walls.

  • Housing inspection

When inspecting an apartment, it is important to consider its condition and repair. Take an interest in fire safety and ventilation in the house. It is also important to make sure that the staircase is equipped with an intercom system and additional security cameras. A view of the city and the location of transport routes are necessary components of your comfort.

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