How to combine work and study?

Currently, a huge number of students get a job and begin to combine two types of activity at once: labor and educational.  Sometimes this step is dictated by the desire of the student himself, but most often by necessity.  How to combine work and study so that it does not affect either the quality of labor or academic performance? 

  1. If you are applying for a job, it’s better to do it in the summer. When you enter the team, it will take you at least a month to finally get comfortable and become part of it. This period will be difficult enough without training loads, so summer vacations are the time for employment and adaptation. In the fall, when classes begin, it will be easier for you to cope with two areas of activity at the same time.  2. Plan your time. When it comes to combining, you need to understand that time should be allocated as clearly as possible in accordance with the number of tasks.  Both work and training require a fairly large amount of time, which many young people are trying to compensate for at the expense of night rest, which, in turn, leads to health problems.  Create your own schedule, clearly allocating time for sleep necessary to maintain performance.
  2. Your employer should know that you are a student. You are still studying, which means there will be times when you will need to attend classes, events, or exams and have to ask for leave from work. When applying for a job, be sure to inform the employer that you are studying, and specify whether you will have the opportunity to leave the workplace to resolve training issues.
  3. Take a vacation at a time when you have a session. During the session, you will devote almost all your free time to preparing for exams. If you try to prepare and work in parallel, you will not be able to cope with one of the tasks, since the more significant of them will supplant the second. And either the work will turn off, or the session will not go as well as it could.  The best solution is to take a vacation in advance and be free from work for the duration of the session.
  4. Distinguish between types of activities It is useful to learn during school to throw away all sorts of thoughts about work and vice versa – not to think about work. We need to think about the tasks currently being carried out, and not what needs to be done in another area. Put a psychological boundary between such important parts of your life as work and study.

The decision to work and study is difficult but definitely useful. Thus, you can accumulate a decent amount of money, “taste” adult life, and learn how to be independent and independent.

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