If work has ceased to bring pleasure, and you go to the office every day as if you were going to hard labor, if you have forgotten the last time you felt cheerful and energetic, if you do not have enough strength for anything other than performing work duties, then it is time to sound the alarm and take measures to remedy the situation.

Step one: awareness of the problem

Until you understand what is happening to you, the situation will not improve. You should not be afraid of your condition — sooner or later, professional burnout overtakes everyone, regardless of whether you love your job or consider it a common necessity. Stop, take a deep breath and consider how you can return to normal. A week’s vacation is enough for some people, during this time they reboot and with renewed vigor take up their official duties. And to others, apathy and fatigue say in plain text that it’s time to change jobs. It is very important to understand what a career means to you, what you would like to do in life and what results to achieve.

Step two: identification of strengths

Remember what you were fond of as a child: drawing, dancing, singing, sports, studying a certain science. If you still love any of these activities, start spending time with it again. It will help determine the vector of movement and understand where to go next.

Step three: loneliness or collective

It’s important to take the time to self-examine and answer a few questions for yourself:

— Do you need a team or can you work alone?

— Do you enjoy working with people or are you stressed out by interacting with strangers?

— Is the office a priority for you or could you work from home?

Step four: decide whether to change jobs

When you understand what is happening to you, identify your strengths and understand what you want to get out of work, start looking for a way out. There are two options here: either you realize that after the rest you can return to your duties, or you realize that work has ceased to bring pleasure and it is time to change it.

Step five: share time

The biggest problem of modern people is that they cannot divide time into work and personal. Lingering in the office, taking projects home, answering customer calls on weekends – all this as a result and leads to professional burnout. So, remember, once your eight working hours are up, you belong to yourself and your family. You are not a robot and you cannot work around the clock.

Step six: physical activity

Burnout causes a lot of unnecessary emotions: anger, fear, anxiety, irritability. You can avoid this by sports. Performing various exercises not only relieves mental stress, but also helps to distract yourself. Let your brain focus on sensations in the body, and not on work moments, which, in fact, become the main reason for the experience. You can do yoga, aerobics, run in the morning, swim in the pool. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do. The main goal is to feel your body, every muscle and detach from everything that bothers you.

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