How to develop your YouTube channel

Life hacks for beginners

YouTube is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world, giving companies a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience and get more results for their business. Although more than 1.3 billion people watch 5 billion videos every day, 91% of small businesses do not use YouTube.

Why is online video marketing so effective? When done professionally, video marketing can be very valid. Videos can interest viewers, offering them very costly content. People learn better when their feelings are involved. Video allows customers to see your product or service and listen to your marketing messages at the same time. Why is video marketing a great way to increase sales? The video can use a negative emotional response, which can contribute to increased sales.

1) Choice of subject

The first thing your channel starts with is choosing a topic. Although music is the most popular content on the platform, if you don’t know much about music, you shouldn’t create a music channel. You are 100% specialized in something, and people may find it fascinating.

2) Design

Three mandatory elements that will take the channel to another level – cover, photo and description.

People are more comfortable visiting their blogger’s channel when he has worked with a designer, beautifully designed the cover and photo. It is not so expensive – about a thousand hryvnia. In the “About the channel” tab you need to answer the most common questions – who are you, what will be on the channel and you also need to leave your mail for commercial offers.

3)How to shoot videos?

You need to start with simple equipment, even if you have an unlimited budget – a tripod, a camera (a phone with a good camera), a microphone.

For a good start, even a phone will suit you. No need to buy expensive lights. A window can be a good source of light. On the street you can shoot in cloudy weather or in the morning or in the evening in “golden time” or “blue time.” There are phone apps to help determine this time.

Particular attention should be paid to planning, thinking about several topics in advance and shooting at least one stock video, so that in case of unforeseen situations, the channel is not left without updating.

Many bloggers live one day. They have a theme, they’re shooting it today, but they don’t know what the next video will be about. It is bad. If you can spend one day with your team or friends to come up with at least 10 topics, it will save time and nerves

4)Optimal video length

According to the statistics of the platform, on average one video is watched on YouTube for about 10 minutes. At the same time, more than 50% of users spend more than an hour on YouTube every day, and the average duration of watching video content on the service is 40 minutes a day.

5)How to name a video?

In order for YouTube to recommend a video for viewing, you need to fill in the metadata at the time of upload – video title, description and tags.

To increase the chances that your video will be found more often by new users, you should check which words are searched more often and at what time users are the most active. You can do this using the Google Trends service. It allows you not only to check the popularity of certain words, but also to compare different options by choosing the optimal name for search results.

6)How to motivate the audience to activity?

If people respond to a video, YouTube finds it fine and offers it to other users. Usually bloggers simply ask subscribers to put likes under the video. However, the service responds equally well to both positive and negative reactions.

Following simple rules greatly increases the chances of video content becoming successful.

Conclusion – tell stories that touch upon people’s emotions.

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