How to fall in love with Buda and Pest

Budapest is called the second Paris, the second city of love. For me, it turned into something special and became my ‘head in the clouds’ home. As M. John Harrison remarked, “Budapest is the prime site for dreams: the East`s exuberant vision of the West, the West`s uneasy hallucination of the West.”

Upon arrival, first of all, you should go to the Parliament building on the picturesque banks of the Danube. Majestic neogothic spire towers over the whole city impress all the tourists. You won`t be an exception. Next to them, you feel a certain reverence. I advise you to get around it from all sides, and then lower down to the embankment in order to fully enjoy its beauty.

Since you are on the coast, take a walk along the Danube downstream. Soak up the smell of water and warmhearted wind; listen to the melodious song of soaring gulls.

Having a good appetite, while walking, be sure to go to the ‘For Sale Pub’ and order traditional Hungarian goulash and a pint of dark beer. Only here they cook goulash in such a way that I want to say “like my grandmother”, even if you try it for the first time.

Across the street from the pub, there is the central market of Budapest. Go there to buy the famous Hungarian paprika. You can’t visit Budapest and can`t but take a mountain of spices with you.

Immediately after this, head to the Gellert baths. As you know, Budapest is a bathing city. The sources of Mount Gellert generously supply the baths with mineral water at a temperature of +38 … + 43 ° C. Buy a ticket without a shadow of a doubt, it’s worth it. Though they say that they are busting with people, and just a bit chaotic, I have nothing against it. The majority of them are young tourists from the USA and Australia; they know how to entertain and to create a hilarious atmosphere.

After such a glorious relaxation, you can’t immediately run to see the sights. Take a walk around Margaret Island. This is an incredible corner of peace and quiet in a bustling city. Walk barefoot on a soft carpet of grass, get lost under the crowns of centuries-old trees, and admire the singing rainbow fountain. Relax.

The journey is almost over, but before that, have a ride on the metro line M1 (yellow). Few people know, but it was this line that became the very first metro in continental Europe. Glory, glory, halleluiah! I like to feel the touch of history!

This is the end of the journey. You only have to do one thing – buy a ticket for the nearest train at Keleti station and rush off to meet new adventures. But know, you will definitely come back here. Roman amphitheaters, fine wines, and unforgettable bath parties are waiting for you!

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