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Interview with Founder & CEO Happy Monday Anna Mazur

For the most part, in the creative industries, candidates are selected on a ‘show your job’ basis. In the field of communications, PR, copywriting, design, the most important thing is your portfolio. Without a quality portfolio, without specific links and cases, employment opportunities are quite limited. The most important role of the candidate’s work is played at the first stage ‒ submission of the application. Then the results of the test task will weigh more.

The mandatory creative test is another feature of the field. It is important for the employer to see in practice whether you will be able to cope with a specific task, communication style, graphic style, etc.

The interview is the third stage of mutual acquaintance of the candidate and the company. And here the sphere does not matter much – the differences are dictated only by the culture of each company.

Questions from recruiters at the interview stage are often divided into two blocks:

  1. Concerning the professional experience and skills of the candidate.
  2. They aim to identify the personal qualities and values ​​of the future team member and understand whether they coincide with the values ​​professed by the company.

You also need to pay attention to your online life.

Your portfolio and accounts in social media in the creative sphere weigh more than in others. Therefore, a potential employer is likely to carefully review them before the interview. The way you maintain your social media profiles helps recruiters compose your portrait. And agree, it is important that this portrait suits you as a person and a professional.

Learn as much as you can about the company before the interview.

Once you have received an invitation to an interview, prepare carefully for an interview with a potential employer. We advise you to learn as much as possible about the company, its culture and values, principles of operation, projects and customers.

An interview is a dialogue. Based on the results of your training, make a list of questions about the company that interest you. The company looks to see if you are suitable for the vacancy, but you also look to see if you want to work here. Having questions to the recruiter is an important indicator that you are really interested in the vacancy and were preparing for the interview. And for you, questions are the only way to know the things that are important to you before you finally make a decision to work in this company.

What does a recruiter expect from you?

  1. preparation
  2. interest
  3. honesty
  4. structured and clear answers to questions
  5. no negative.

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