How To Help The Planet Right Now

(opinion article)

It is essential to envision your place on this beautiful planet. Does our activity help, or vice versa leaves a destructive mark? Do we make purchases consciously? Do we show by the example that change is possible? What simple actions can help the planet?

David Wallace-Wells, an American environmental writer, gave a good explanation in his book “Uninhabited Land” why many people are not aware of the seriousness of the climate crisis. In his opinion, we live with a certain social filter in our head and do not take seriously events that, in our opinion, are not directly related to a person. Not each of us saw glaciers, garbage islands in the ocean, or birds and animals dying due to oil or plastic. But in fact, every Kyiv-New York flight is 8.7 square meters of the melted Arctic glacier. The good news is that, firstly, the Earth is a wonderful ecosystem that can recover. Secondly, people have the intellect and are able to recognize their mistakes and take actions to correct them. So to help the planet right now we can:

  1. Sort garbage and hand it over for processing, compost organic matter. An apple that decomposes in natural conditions and in a landfill is two different chemical processes.
  2. Use only LED-lamps and energy-saving technology for the home.
  3. Rationally consume resources: turn off the light in the room, the computer monitor, and do not forget about the chargers in the outlet; use water economically: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, when you are bathing in the shower. If possible, take a shower quickly. Usually, we use more water when we take a bath.
  4. Buy seasonally locally produced products that have not been imported by plane.
  5. Reduce food waste to zero. Plan your purchases and cooking, learn how to cook meals from leftovers or give them to those in need.
  6. Use your own reusable shopping bag, cup, bottle for water and do not buy new plastic.
  7. Revise your wardrobe and give preference to brands that follow ethical and environmentally friendly production principles, choose natural materials, learn how to give things a second life, and discover the incredible world of the secondary clothing market.
  8. Especially carefully approach the choice of cosmetics and chemicals used in everyday life. It is necessary to give an advantage to products that have not been tested on animals and do not have a negative impact on the environment at different stages of production.
  9. Engage in your own development. Read more, be interested in scientific literature, discuss ecology with friends, relatives and colleagues.
  10. Become kinder and develop a sense of empathy and compassion. Change begins within and with oneself.

It is important to understand the main thing: nature can do without us, but we cannot do without it. How do you care about nature?

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