How to keep calm and balance in times of panic


Everyone in different ways reacts to the recent events in Ukraine and in the world. And there are certainly some people in whom information about the spread of the coronavirus causes a lot of anxiety. Surely, it is difficult not to get stressed by all these events. Many old people around the world die. We are to be human…And of course, all theses society`s fears often increase our worries and uncertainties about what will happen tomorrow.

First, keep in mind that all this will pass one day. Solomon was right while saying it.

The second point is to remember that we cannot control everything. We can do everything in our power but we cannot influence any huge processes. We ought to be ready to help our Grannies and to remember that not everything is in our forces.

Third, remember that it is important to remember who we are and what elements of action, inner convictions, what institutions and beliefs bring us back to ourselves. For example, you know that in any situation you will go to work, or you know exactly that in any situation you will drink coffee in the morning, or in any situation (stressful or very difficult) you will call your boyfriend or talk to your caring Mom. Go back to these little tricks that keep you afloat. Think, it might be behind the roots.

Fifth. Remember that it is vital for you to keep your mind sane and smart. Don’t make impulsive decisions. In a state of stress, frustration or anxiety, there is always a typical reaction – to escape, to attack or to stop at all. That’s how our brains react. It is important to remind yourself not to resort to impulsive reactions, but to act to the point: “Stop! One, two, three, four, five…I breathe out all negative emotions…What can I control and what not? Where can I fully rely on my forces to do something and where not?” Try not to act impulsively and to avoid such reactions: anywhere to run, escape, or get down in the dumps. Take a break for yourself. If you make any important decision: move, change home, or something else – remember that it is important to “sleep” with this thought, take time to think, consult with your friends and folks, share this opinion with some pro. But do not take rash-brash decisions.

So, just believe me, this period will pass soon and you will remember it as a challenge which made you tougher and stronger. Later, you will estimate all your ‘horrible’ and ‘unbearable’ pandemic problems from another point of view, with a smile and a cup of coffee.

Now if you have nothing against yoga, take a seat in a lotus position, say, “OMMMM”, smile, and relax.  Your inner strength is rising up in your backbone. You start flying in your dreams…Don`t forget to greet yourself, “Howdy-dowdy… Cheers, big ears…Aloha…same goes, big nose!!!”

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