How to Launch a Literary Contest?


How to create literary competition? It can help you to connect with talented writers and increase your organization`s influence. So what you should start with? I thought a lot about it and decided, “Why not to write about it, just in case?”

Step 1: Choose a format

Not all writing contests are created equal. The first and most obvious question is, what are participants writing? Some options include

  • Topic Essay
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Poem
  • Short Story
  • Journalism

Step 2: Choose a great topic

Selecting a topic that will resonate with your writers is a prime challenge that should be at the top of your list. Make sure the topic jives with the purpose of your contest, the format, and the writers you hope will participate. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Overcoming struggle
  • Current events and politics
  • Fairy-Tales
  • Horror/Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Children
  • Family

Step 3: Define the requirements

After you have a format and topic it’s time to define some of the specific requirements for your writing contest. This includes very important components like length, language, timeline, and cost.

Step 4: Choose a Price

The decision to charge or not charge depends on the goal of the contest and your organization. Some organizations rely on competitions to bring in business to other primary products and therefore will make contests free to bring in the greatest amount of traffic.

Step 5: Choose Award Amounts

All contests need an award. The award does not have to always be monetary but money always talks, so consider carefully if you plan to offer something different. Determining the correct award is a balance of finances and incentives. Too small of an award and your contest may not be taken seriously, too high and you risk losing money.

Step 6: Find Judges

Deciding on who will judge submissions can be one of the more challenging aspects of running a writing contest. Your judges should be people who are known and respected in your community. They make be donors, teachers, professionals, politicians, actors, whoever makes sense for your contest’s theme and participants.

Step 7: Find the right technology

You may be asking yourself, “What technology do I need to run a writing contest?” The truth is, you do not need it. Depending on your needs, you may choose a full-service platform or try to piece together with your own. Each has some advantages and drawbacks.

Step 8: Market to the right people

What kind of marketing should I do for my writing contest? Everything will depend on your target audience. You really only need to answer two questions.

Question 1: Where is my target audience hanging out?

Question 2: Why would my target audience participate in my writing contest?

Organizing your own literary competition can be tough but help you to meet a lot of writers from around the world. So no matter what purpose is and how you do it – the main thing is to start and try.

I look forward to your comments. Don`t you think that it sounds real?

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