How to Learn English on Quarantine

With languages you are at home anywhere”

Quarantine is a good time to start what you have always dreamed about. For example, to finally learn English. But we don’t want to strain, right? You can learn the language by watching movies in the original.

It is known that learning a foreign language consists of four components: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

You can improve all these components with the help of movies. For example, you can practice writing by recording subtitles. Reading and speaking — when you read subtitles and repeat movie replicas.

Finally, we learn to understand spoken language while listening to conversations in the film.

How to make watching films not only enjoyable but also useful?

Before viewing, you must take a printout of subtitles with their translation. The film you need to choose from those that you like.

First, look through the short section several times, with only one short phrase, trying to understand the phrase written in subtitles by ear. Be sure to listen with headphones. Then read it aloud as close as possible to the actor’s pronunciation and repeat it. If you can’t repeat it, shorten the phrase and repeat it again. The point is instant repetition, not study.

Do not lose patience! The main thing is the quality of the work being done and not the amount.

Viewing and repeating 1 minute of film dialogs sometimes takes more than an hour, although only 20 minutes are enough for a daily lesson.

Be sure to do it every day, albeit for a short time. Consistency in learning a foreign language is the key to a quick and successful study.

I assure you that the results will soon be coming and in half a year you will be able to master the basic phrases 🙂

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