How to learn to control your emotions

Emotions are what make us human. However, you need to use them wisely so that they do not ruin everything you have been going for so long. If you find it difficult to control your emotions, read this list to help you find balance.

Keep your balance

Adjust the degree of your emotions in the same way as the temperature on the thermostat. Maybe you’re too hot or too cold, or maybe you’re just comfortable? This applies to both good and bad emotions. People who know how to control their emotions are constantly trying to maintain balance, avoiding disharmony in the state of mind.

Stop and think

If you feel that your emotions are just boiling, wait and think. Instead of reacting to the situation immediately, think about how you can handle it. If the moment comes when you feel out of control, then take a step back and focus on something else.

Avoid emotional overload

Emotional overload is a state when a certain type of emotions (happiness, joy, anger, sadness) completely captures you. It is usually accompanied by such physical reactions as palpitations, breathing, trembling knees, sweating, nausea. These are signs that you are emotionally overwhelmed. Therefore, you need to process the information in parts to gradually come to your senses.

Practice deep breathing

When the body begins to respond to emotional overload, it sends strange signals to the heart and various muscles of the body, causing you to feel tense. To avoid this condition, you need to learn to breathe deeply. As a result, more oxygen enters the brain, which helps to relax.

Think of a solution, not a problem

A negative reaction to a difficult situation is one of the most common emotional problems. Feeling angry or sad is normal for people, but not quite right, because the problem itself will not be solved. Always try to approach everything in a balanced way and try to be more realistic when assessing the situation. You can’t stop thinking about the problem; you need to use the time to think of a plan of action.

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