How to properly care for your garden in the spring?


Tips for gardeners

Some villagers don’t watch the trees that grow in their gardens, they think that it is enough to just paint the trunks of trees in white and cut dry branches. Here are some simple tips on how to properly care for trees.

The first thing to do in late February or early March is to whitewash tree trunks. It is during this period that trees need to be protected from frost and sunlight. Whitewashing will protect trees from diseases and kill some parasites.

Next, you need to properly cut the branches of trees. This will help to increase the number of fruits. These works should be carried out as early as possible.

When the soil dries a little, you need to apply fertilizer around the tree.

And when the air temperature rises to 5 degrees above zero, you must spray the trees with a special solution.

If the rains are rare in the spring, the trees should be watered constantly. 5-6 buckets of water for every tree and once in a few days are enough.

The gardener should make the soil soft around the tree.

It is better to plant small trees either in early spring, when it is cold outside, or in October.

Tools you need to take care of the garden

First of all, you need a special device for spraying trees.

You will also need a brush to whitewash the trees.

Electric pumps will help water your garden.

In addition, you should have common tools such as rakes and gloves.

Safety rules when gardening

Safety rules when gardening

When spraying trees, it is important to protect your eyes and skin from chemicals.

To do this, carefully read the labels on the packaging of plant preparations.

Use masks or respirators to protect the respiratory system. Use glasses to protect your eyes.

Wear a protective suit and gloves.

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