How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus At Work

If you are one of those who cannot work remotely, you should take greater care of your health.

📌 The workplace must be clean: the surfaces and objects should be cleaned regularly with disinfectants. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

📌 Hand disinfectant dispensers should be in prominent places and areas where hands can be washed with soap and water should be accessible.

📌 Remember the personal space of employees.

📌 When sending an employee on a business trip to another country, first read the travel rules.

What you need to know about the new coronavirus: spread, symptoms, danger, treatment

📌 Workers must adhere to local restrictions on travel and attendance at mass events.

📌 If the worker is experiencing the first signs of a cold, then he or she should stay home.

📌 If the worker is required to be in the workplace during the first signs of cold, he/she must wear a protective mask. It should be changed every two hours or as soon as the mask becomes moist.

📌 Make sure you have sealed containers to dispose of used wipes and masks.

📌 Promote remote work online.

📌 Don`t forget the eternal, “Don`t worry, be happy!”

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