How to Read Faster? Top-5 Tips

Surely, if you think that ignorance is bliss, this article is not for you. On the other hand, if you are a book nut, why not to read it. As J.Addison once said, “Reading to mind is what exercise to the body.”

Every bookworm has at least once in life thought about how he or she can speed up reading skills to look through as many books as possible. Generally speaking, I also think about this issue, and today I would like to share the things I practice in reading. They may help you achieve better results.

1. Skim or scan the text first

Skimming and scanning, two techniques that involve looking only for the most pertinent bits of information first. Since you have  already acquainted with the main parts of the text, you won’t be slowed down by frivolous parts when you come to them in your reading.

Keep in mind that non-fiction is better suited to skimming and scanning, at the same time it can be extended to fiction too. In a novel, skim the chapter for character development, key points of dialogue, and major plot twists. Then read it at a faster gait than you normally would.

2. Stop subvocalizing

Subvocalization is by far the most common factor in slowing down our reading. It’s how most of us read – by “speaking” the words in our heads. This slows down our reading. Your eyes and brain are actually able to process words much faster.

I’ve been trying to stop this habit for some time now. The easiest thing to do is to be aware of it and to entertain yourself in some way. You can use your finger to follow the words, listen to music, or chomp gum.

3. Read phrases, not words

An equally challenging skill to learn is how to take in phrases or fragments of text at a time, rather than single words. Looking at every fifth word or so will allow you to catch more at once and trim on subvocalizing. Just as with everything else, though, it will take some training to do this well.

4. Quit re-reading

One of the main time sucks for me while reading was that I was persistently going back to re-read sentences or paragraphs I either didn’t realize or wanted to understand more fully. I thought that if I didn’t fully catch or understand every single line of a novel or text, the whole book wouldn’t make sense.

Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t actually obtaining much understanding when I re-read. The confusing passages or words eventually made sense in context, or they weren’t essential for my pleasure in the book.

5. Read more

As with all honorable chases, reading is a skill that takes time to improve. The more you do it, the better you will turn. And the more books I read, the faster I get to reading them.

I hope that my advice will help you at least partly. Improve your reading skills, but always remember that the best way to enjoy a book is to read at your own pace.

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