How to spend time at Christmas so that it is remembered?

(Christmas essay)

If you are a fan of celebrating with your family, then cook everyone’s favorite dishes, keeping in mind that there is no need to chose traditional New Year’s dishes. Creativity is always welcomed.Buy alcohol in advance, counting beforehand who drinks. Do not be afraid of the holiday, do not get drunk, but just sit with a family over a glass of champagne, talk about something good. Prepare a small gift for everyone; it will be nice. Even a small trifle or token will please your guests or family members.

If you like to celebrate with friends, then come up with a place in advance where it will be convenient for everyone. Buy food, alcohol, decorate the house. It will add good mood. Download Christmas music that everyone loves. ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham is a good choice .Wear what you like. Be smart and positive. You can also think up small surprises; it will be unexpected and really great.

In no case do not celebrate alone.

Christmas is a holiday of dreams, mystery, pleasant atmosphere, heartfelt conversations and good mood.

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