How to start zero-waste living

OThe progressive part of our society solves the sore garbage problem by sorting it and proper disposal. However, there is a much better and more importantly, systemic solution – to make so that there is less garbage, and ideally, it was not at all at the “entry” stage when you are shopping for new things and products. This movement, which is spreading around the world and is already finding its supporters in Ukraine, is called Zero Waste – “zero rubbish.

Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products.

At first, it is very difficult to give up plastic completely, but a big deal begins with small steps. Here is a list of things you can easily live without, or they have a good alternative:
 * tubes – are not recycled and can only be recycled in certain countries (you can guess that Ukraine is not on this list), the tubes remain to rot, lie, stink, circulate with a gentle dance throughout our country;
 * paper, but in fact not, cups – there is a layer of plastic inside a paper cup, they are cleaned for recycling, but a layer of plastic is thrown away and the garbage remains, worldwide, disposable cups are trouble, in Ukraine this trouble is growing, coffee houses trashcan filled rapidly; and it is much more pleasant to drink from your own cup;
 * lids for disposable glasses are toxic when heated (how much I drank coffee through them) and are not recycled;
 * sticks for the ears – a plastic thing goes in the trash, but there are paper and wooden ones;
 * any disposable plastic tableware is pure garbage.
 * Packages in stores are also unlikely to be recycled. You can carry a shopper with you, and in order not to take individual bags for fruit, feel free to glue stickers directly on them.

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