How to Stop Hating the Universe in the Morning? 5 Tips for Students

I know what beautiful sunrises are and what a wonderful feeling arises when you breathe in the mor­ning air. What to do when you are a top-scoring student and after a huge number of household chores and homework you slept only two hours? What to do if you’re a burnt out student and pulled the whole nighter in the night club? Whoever you are, my advice will come in handy.

1. Delicious rescue. For those who can not imagine their lives without coffee, it will be easier to Wake up. After all, the desire to drink a Cup of fragrant drink is very attractive, and most importantly gives strength and energy.

2. Contrast shower. If they have not turned off hot water, then you are lucky and have the opportunity to tune in for a productive day even faster. Take a shower with contrast water temperature. First hot, then cold and vice versa, it will help to wake up faster.

3. Motivation. Remember that the session is approaching and you need just only A-grades…You are not going to lower your sights…I think this challenge will make you cheery and ambitious.

4. Congratulate yourself. If you find the strength to Wake up, you are already on the way to success. The main thing is to keep the ball rolling.

5. Reminders. In order to get through this rough day, you are to remember that it will not last forever. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Sooner or later the evening will come, and you can finally go to your dreamy, warm bed.

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