How To Write The Perfect Resume?

(humorous article)

Okay, let’s start writing the best resume in the world. Be sure to include your surname, first name, email and social media. However, do not forget to provide passwords to e-mail and social networks, because it is important for your future employer to check your personal correspondence. This will show him whether you are really a bright specialist.

Then write down all your character traits that will help you in your profession. Don’t be shy — your excessive sleepiness in the morning is perfectly normal.Also write that you always forget about deadlines and are late for meetings. Sincerity will save the world!

Write about what programs you know how to use. For example, you know how to set an alarm or apply filters to photos… No matter what your profession, write everything you can. Also do not worry that you have no experience, and you have never worked anywhere in your life. Just write that you have several years of experience lying on the couch. You know that you are the brightest buddy! So, let`s all managers of the company know it too!

Tell about your education. Start with kindergarten. Write how many books you read, how many points you received for dictation and how many subjects you missed at University. Not all lecturers met your high educational standards! You can also write that you were expelled from the University for not passing half of the boring subjects. You are a star!

Please make as many grammatical errors in your resume as possible. Maybe the recruiter likes texts with grammatical errors and he or he will like your text. Be yourself!

The resume is written, it remains to choose a photo. Try to choose the funniest picture, for example, you eat chips in pajamas with a cat. Our world so lacks the fun…

This is an instruction on how to write a resume. But I’m sorry! My cat deleted “not” in the headline. Oops…

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