How Will Alessandro Michele Present The New Gucci Collection During A Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a crisis in the fashion industry. Since January 2020, the capitalization of the fashion and luxury goods market has decreased by almost 40%. In annual terms, the projected profitability of the industry, which accounted for $2.5 billion before quarantine, will decrease by 27-30%.

Due to the pandemic, all designers were forced to temporarily look for new formats for presenting collections, the fashion world was seized by panic: no one understood how to do this in the rapidly changing realities. But after the first controversial experiences, brands were finally able to navigate and come up with interesting ways to get out of the situation. So interesting that now many do not want to say goodbye to them even after the end of the pandemic. We are talking about virtual screenings. And if many fashion brands are already actively using new technological techniques, then the designer of the Gucci fashion house Alessandro Michele decided to go even further. What did he think up?  I’ll tell you now.

Alessandro Michele will be presenting the new Gucci collection in the format of a TV series he co-directed with Gus Van Sant. The upcoming collection will appear in seven episodes from November 16 to 22. The project, titled “Ouverture of Something That Never End”, will premiere during the digital fashion and film festival called GucciFest.

The episode was filmed in Rome. The protagonist of the project is the actress and artist Silvia Calderoni, who “in surreal everyday life meets all over the city” friends at home: Spanish writer Paul B. Presiado, Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva, singer Billie Eilish, artist and jewelry designer Darius Honsari, Chinese singer and actor Lou Han, American actor and playwright Jeremy O. Harris, artist Ariana Papademetropoulos, singer Arlo Parks, singer Harry Styles, German choreographer and dancer Sasha Waltz and singer Florence Welch.

I already really want to watch this trendy series. And it is possible.
All episodes of the project will be available on the brand’s YouTube channel, as well as on the GucciFest website. Also, within the framework of the GucciFest, fashion films will be shown. They are dedicated to the work of 15 independent and emerging young designers chosen by Michele.

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