I am a Student

(campus story)

I am very happy to have entered this University. There is a very multifaceted education and a lot of practice. This is a plus, because theory without practice is nothing.

I studied at a school in Kyiv. I really enjoyed studying at school, where I began to develop harmoniously and learned to analyze, think independently and respect my elders.

And finally, I entered the B. Grinchenko University of Kyiv. This is a place where people respect each other. For example, a physical education teacher tells us to do exercises according to our abilities. When we were in the gym, I did the exercises enthusiastically and the teacher helped me all the time. This is right, because everyone has their own capabilities and abilities.

I’m not very focused yet, but I do all the tasks very diligently. Education at the institute is very diverse: it includes creativity, and the study of theory and practice. For me, preparing presentations and speaking to classmates with a presentation is a new activity. It’s hard for me because I don’t have the experience to speak in front of an audience, but I’ll manage and I’ll succeed.

The Institute of Journalism gives each student the right to have his own opinion.

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