‘I’m Not Afraid to Say’

(book review)

When this victim-blaming takes place, it tends to eat your energy, you want to say “screw it” and stop raising the topic altogether… how do you fight this feeling?”
(Anastasia Melnychenko

My favorite book ‘I’ve read recently is called I’m Not Afraid to Say’ by Anastasia Melnychenko . This is a very important book in my opinion. The author raises important issues of physical and psychological violence. This book is a topic for you inmost meditation and responsive reflection.

It will not provide ready-made solutions and options for behavior in case of violence. But reading it, you start thinking about a number of things that neither parents nor at school tell. The book reveals the issues of brutal violence and sex assault. It is about how to distinguish between violence and self-defense.

While reading the book, two feelings were fighting inside me. Feelings of disgust, because in the book there are real stories of real people who passed these horrible situations, as well as feelings of joy, where people experienced it and did not plunge into themselves, climbed to the top, as they say from the bottom. It’s hard to love yourself after that. This book is perfect for teenagers, because they need to know how to act in such situations, especially girls. The statistics say that almost 80% of women, girls, and children are physically and morally abused by aggressive men. The book raises these questions, so it is worth your attention! My rating is 9/10.

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