I want to hug and be hugged! (Covid-19, you got me!)

Who did you last hug? In the spring, I want to cuddle more and more for no reason. There is a theory that for well-being we need at least 8 hugs a day. They also believe that we are most fully emotionally connected to each other when the embrace lasts for at least 20 seconds. Now I remember how we usually cuddle with friends and family – when meeting/saying goodbye and just quickly and friendly, no longer than 2-3 seconds but that was great!

I know that when hugging the hormone oxytocin is produced – it lowers our sense of anxiety. One study found that hugging with toys had a similar effect…It explains why babies fall asleep sweetly, hugging their favorite teddy bears – they feel protected and happy!

They say, after a long hug, even a slightly known person can be perceived as a good friend. I began to sort through the memories of people I had known for the past 10 years and found that there really was a connection between my attitude to them and how much people were open to embracing. If we could just talk to a person at a meeting and talk a little afterward, I still sympathized with him or her and felt more at ease in his or her presence.

However, I often feel a barrier between myself and others – and even if I really want to hug someone, I can restrain myself, probably for fear of being pushed away. I think many people know this. But I am always grateful to the one who makes the first step to embrace me, and then I literally feel something in the spirit of “all is well, I love and I am loved too.”

COVID-19, you got under my skin! I want to hug and be hugged!

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