I Want To Tell You…

Love is Eternal, the coronavirus is not

(amateur translation)

The Ukrainian language sounds like a song or like poetry. And it’s obvious that there are many prominent poets in our country.

The most famous are Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka. They are like three whales on that Ukrainian poetry stands. They describe such vital things like love to the Motherland, freedom, struggle for human rights, and their native language. These subjects, of course, are serious and significant, but who wrote about us, Ukrainian youngsters full of dreams and inspirations? Where could we see the weightless lines about youth, love, and the delight of daily life? It’s also important to find beauty in so predictable, so pointless, and so bread-and-butter things.

All of these subjects are well-described in the poetry of the 1980s.

I want to tell you
(by Attyla Mohylnyi written in Ukrainian)

The queen of my sixteenth,
I want to tell you,
How we were in lo
We`ve seen each other
On the alleys in our garden.
And there was a school.
And there were factories.
And there were juvenile queens,
Who were ready to fall in love with the whole world.
And that’s why our district
Was full of sun.

And there was the fire.
It bleeded in our veins.
And we loved each other
In the neighbour’s garden
In the high grass, we were
lying, listening
How the nearest area falling asleep.

How lights were going out.
And we have been starting to imagine
That no-one knows us.
And after that, we were falling in love again.
With a big desire to change the whole world.
And at that time our town became a city.
And at that time our liking became a love.

That is the example of youth poetry of the 1980s years. The poem ‘I want to tell you was written by Attyla Mohylnyi in those rainbow years, when nobody knew anything about the future. Attyla benched erotical Spain lines and Beat-poetry trends with tender Ukrainian feelings.

Hope, you will like my translation 🙂

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