I will do what I want to do!

(short story)

Smash! The cup, his favorite one, falling to pieces. Bang! The teaspoon, his mom’s favorite one, hit the table.
“This girl is driving me crazy!” he shouted turning red.

“Oh, my darling. What’s happened? You know, honey, I’m always here to help you.”  That was his dearest mommy. She was always ready to help, no matter what, no matter how, either to pinch hairs in his nose or to call his girlfriend’s mom, a friend of hers, to clarify the situation, by the way.

“Your daughter doesn’t know how to behave! My son is suffering! He’s turned green with grief! You, her mother, has to do something with that! Where is she? Why doesn’t she answer the phone? How did she dare to write such words?!”

The screaming voice was interrupted by a slow flow of a swishing stream. The girl’s mom wasn’t aware of her daughter’s plans; she was having a wonderful time in the village, being sure that her daughter was having a great time with her father. She felt so relaxed and peaceful, that the only thing she could do, was to ask what her daughter answered to the young man.

“He asked her what her plans for the evening were and why she didn’t call him. And, she… just imagine…she answered that she was in Kyiv and wrote, “I’ll do what I want”. Can you grasp it?! How did she dare to say this?! You have to do something about that! “

As it turned out in two hours, “I’ll do what I want” was just the name of the film the girl and her Dad went to see in the movie theater. It was their tradition, a kind of Father-and-daughter activity, to go there at weekends. And the young man just forgot that his girlfriend told him about that the day before. He was too busy thinking about curvy hairs in his nose.

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