I Will Never Forgive This! War in Ukraine…


I will never forgive this!

Being in a safe place, I cannot afford to let my thoughts go away, rejoice and laugh, because I immediately remember that my family, fellow citizens, wounded children who have learned what war is, are there in Ukraine! Why are they there and why am I here? I can’t get used to the fact that I don’t have to be a light sleeper and wait for an alarm siren at night to go down to the basement! I can’t get used to the fact that a loud sound outside the window is just a cracker or someone slammed the door loudly!

I can’t, my life will never be the same!

I became cold and sad, tough and whiny, but most importantly, a fierce patriot!

I don’t want to post a picture and show, here, I’m safe here I feel good when there, my Ukraine feels bad being covered with slaying war scars!

I have never loved my country and my native town so much…Earlier it was called by bad-mouth people as Muhosransk, a boring hole in the middle of nowhere, and I smiled while hearing it, but now I know how cool is my Korosten. It turned into the best place in my country, so beautiful and heartfelt.

I will never forgive tears, fear and death!

I will not forgive the silence of my relatives from THERE!

And I do believe that together with all Ukrainian people we shall overcome!

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