Ice for Christmas

(Christmas story)

Christmas is a holiday of peace, when the family gathers at the table and family evenings begin. But this year Anna decided to celebrate with friends. They booked a house. So bright, beautiful and spacious. Bought a lot of food, sweets and alcohol.

They went to arrange everything for the holiday. The house was decorated, the girls cooked, the boys lit the fireplace. Everyone was hustling and rustling. There were also five children playing and rushing around the house.

Then they asked their mothers to go outside to play snowballs. Turned out they sculpted snowmen a lot, wrestled with each other, and one of them decided to test the lake for ice strength and to climb.

At first everything was fine, the boy shouted: “Yeah, look how I can.” Everyone envied him but no one climbed anymore. They were afraid of thin ice. Five minutes after, the boy started screaming out because a horrible idea flashed in his head that the ice was melting fast right under him…He shouted so loudly that a dozen of ravens started circling over his head waiting for…they even did not know what.

Parents were called for help. One desperate man climbed after the boy with a long stick in hands…Thanks God everything got well. The boy was saved, warmed up, and scared to death. He promised not to climb on the ice any more…

Everyone remembered this holiday with a pinch of shrieking. In spite of everything it was cozy, snappy and happy. The children went to bed, and the parents sat by the fireplace with hot drinks, telling each other thrilling stories.

And this story about melting ice will go into the scrapbook of Christmas stories of this friendly company.

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