If Students Studied And Not Warmed Seats

Let’s start with the fact that the majority of students simply go with the flow senselessly instead of gaining the most important (possibly) knowledge in their lives. If a student is given a choice: to do homework for their Uni or spend an endless number of hours watching a tik-tok video, then almost any person (if he is not a geek) will choose a meaningless existence in the Internet universe.

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such irresponsible and destructive behavior. Pros: you watch about two hundred videos with cats a day, you study all the cracks in the ceiling of your room, you do not need to roughage, since you almost do not waste energy.

Cons: since you do not work, you have no money at all, and you also do not absorb new information at all, so in the cycle of the wonderful life you will find yourself over on the sidelines. Perhaps you feel the second rush of joy, but they quickly pass. So if the students learned, they would at least be able to look into the eyes of their parents who are paying for their tuition, and perhaps by the end of their studies, they would be able to draft a resume so they can be hired for.

Still, the main thing when studying at the Uni is to remember why you chose this specialty in your first year and – what is more important! – Videos with cats will not help you in adulthood unless you are a veterinarian.

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