If you want to create something, you have to forget about these 3 things


Artists are advised to use all opportunities. However, it is not just about being able to say, “Yes!” to new events, but also about the power to say “No!” to those habits that drag creative messages to the bottom. Here are some tips to keep in mind to succeed in your work.

  1. Forget about the words “not enough.” Not enough time, money, self-confidence, ideas…Forget about this type of thinking, because successful artists do not create this atmosphere around themselves. Christa Clothier, founder of The Working Artist, advises, “As soon as you get rid of the feeling of inferiority and lack, everything else will fall into place. Only then will you begin to appreciate your work.”
  2. Abandon competitions and comparisons. You will always be better at something than others. However, you are also worse in some ways. You can’t focus on that. For example, comparisons with professionals who have worked in the profession for decades can demotivate novice artists. And if the experts are superficial, contemptuous of the work of amateurs, it will stop their own development. Spend your energy on creating something new. Take a look at what you drew 5 years ago. Is there progress? That’s the only thing that matters.
  3. Don’t look for excuses. I can’t go to the studio to paint: too many other things / need to buy a T-shirt / go on a spontaneous trip / just not in the mood / insert any excuse here. Successful artists do not look for opportunities not to work. They do their job. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to just do what you like. The main thing is not to get lost in the ocean of procrastination. Artist Susie Baker believes that justification is just a fear disguised as resistance. So do not look for excuses, create!

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