Impossible is Probable and Probable is Fun


Anything at all is possible. Some things are unlikely. Some things will never happen. But they always could, at any time.”
Ashly Lorenza

I’m not a great specialist in the publishing business yet, so I don’t have enough stories to write a whole blog. I can tell a story which happened during my educational practice in college. This story isn’t tied to business and money, but it will show that there is no need for confusion, if not everything goes according to a plan.

So in the fourth year of college, my classmates (4 people) and I acquired practical skills at the ‘Rodovid’ publishing house. We had an important task. We all had to decipher handwritten e-mails and rewrite them electronically. Then the materials, we worked on, had to be published in a real printed book. We worked hard for a whole month. In the end, the last step remained. We had to come to the publishing house and sign the documents so that the leaders of our practice really knew what we were doing for four weeks.

And so we met at the entrance to the ‘Rodovid’ publishing house to sign all the papers (there were five of us), but it turned out that the publishing house wasn’t working because most of the workers got sick with the coronavirus two days earlier.

We called the publishing house and it turned out that it would open in two days. At first we were all very upset. But later the idea came to spend two days in my country house outside the city (it was summer and the weather was great outside). Everyone agreed.

The next two days we had a great time: we played volleyball, went fishing, fried meat on the fire and so on. Time passed quickly and we returned to Kyiv, signed all the necessary documents in the publishing house and happily went home. So suddenly we managed to meet friends and to enjoy our lives, although at first we had a completely different purpose.

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