In a dispute, the winner is the one who thinks, not the one who tells emotionally


What is more important in a dispute: emotions or analysis? Everyone understands that emotions are an important part of us as human beings, and we cannot express ourselves without them.

However, emotions often work against us, not for our benefit. For example, if during a controversy we allow our emotions to prevail over arguments, we will not be taken seriously or even will be stopped listening. Instead, our opponent wins – a calm and sensible, knowledgeable character who can think, analyze and synthesize information. He or she will definitely win, no matter how hot and heartfelt speech you have, because a cold thought overcomes a hot emotion.

Therefore, dear friends, let’s keep our composure and cold mind, gather information, think – and we will win in disputes! Besides, don`t forget that it is desirable to have truth behind our back…

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