In a dream I dance


Do you know how it feels when you lose the hobby you thought was your most favorite thing in the world? If your answer is no, you’re the lucky ones. It’s like when your heart becomes so heavy that you begin to feel the heartbeat all over your body. Like if your life isn’t your life anymore and the only thing you can do is to sit alone and think why it’s you.
Oh, it’s a little bit negative, isn’t it?

In real life when you lose your hobby not because you don’t like it anymore it doesn’t hit you it just makes you feel empty. But after this, the main thing you should do is start looking for a new one.

For example, I have been dancing since 2006. I was 5 years old when I started this magic activity. And of course, it was a big part of my life. It was ballroom dancing so I had a classy partner and we danced, and danced, and danced. After six years of dancing, we started winning cups and medals. It helped us to understand that we were really in the right place.

If we talk about ballroom dancing it requires a lot of time and money for fancy dresses, stylish shoes, and a lot of lessons. But it worth it because after many years of hard work, my couches suggested that I should try myself as a coach for children. And it was a big step. Since then I have known that I want to connect my life with dancing. But life had different plans for me.

One day my knees started to hurt. It wasn’t a big deal until I understood that I couldn’t dance as much as I want because the pain became unbearable. I went to a doctor, and he said that I should quit dancing because every hour of dance made my knees weaker. So if I wanted to live without daily pills, I had to stop dancing. After this, I was like a fish out of water, a newborn kid in a wide world who got totally lost.

My Mom supported me and said one really important thing — in this big world everyone could find something splendid to do. So I started looking for a new hobby. It wasn’t hard at all. I just realized that I had a lot of things that I liked to do. And my Number #1 became fiction and non-fiction writing. It was a twist that changed my life.


Now I have a smorgasbord of dreams connected with writing and sometimes I even can’t believe that I danced for more than ten years of my life. Life is changing, and we are changing as well. So as Journey said, “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

Guys, do you believe that even after dramatic changes in your life we can find new hobbies?

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