In love with the mountains: Top 7 spectacular movies you should watch

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Are you fascinated with dangerous peaks and wild gorges? Are you listening to the stories about mountains with bated breath? Save the list of movies complicated especially for you!

  1. Everest, 2015

Hundreds of people are trying to climb the cherished height again and again. In spring of 1996 two commercial expeditions, consisting of both experienced climbers and tourists who didn’t have the experience of conquering the eight-thousanders, went on ascent…

But, unfortunately, Everest doesn’t forgive mistakes, greed and frivolity. Everest doesn’t forgive generosity and selflessness. Here are the laws seemed to be inhuman.

  1. 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, 2017

One snowboarder, full of internal contradictions and problems with drugs, decided to ride a snowstorm on a wild track. Of course, he got lost. He had been stumbling through the mountains without food, fire and water for a week. The man had frozen everything he could before he was found by the rescuers.

You know, this is the real story of Eric LeMarque, who is the author of the original story taken as a basis for the movie.

  1. The Mountain Between Us, 2017

Two different people miraculously saved themselves during a plane crash. Of course, this is the joyful news for them, but… They are in the snowy mountains all alone, and there is no a single living soul for many kilometers around.

  1. 127 Hours, 2010

This is the real story of the one who preferred to climb the highest peaks alone and search for deserted caves. Once he went to an expedition to the canyon and found himself in a hopeless situation. And, of course, this time he didn’t tell anyone where he was going, so there was no sense to wait for help.

  1. Meru, 2015

Three experienced climbers dared to climb the peak of Meru in the Himalayas. Its height is 6630 meters, and this is one of the most dangerous and attractive goals for conquerors of peaks.

Be prepared to grab your seat many times, there are some really scary moments!

  1. Mountain, 2017

This is the documentary about the madmen who are attracted and fascinated by the mountains. The magnificent visual series are accompanied by beautiful symphonic music. The movie tries to explain what power pulls people up those places where the slightest miscalculation threatens death.

  1. The Summit, 2012

K2 is the mountain widely considered to be the most dangerous in the entire world. In 2008 several teams of climbers were attempting to reach the top of K2. During their summit push, a series of unfortunate events led to the death of 11 climbers.

The Summit takes a look at the events that led up to that disaster and introduces to viewers the principal characters who were on the mountain that day. Some of their heroic acts helped to keep the tragedy from becoming an even bigger one, although sometimes at great cost to themselves.

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