Independent Boy

(children`s story)

Once upon a time, in one little village lived a boy. He had a lot of friends. They were many cheery girls and hilarious boys. The boy and his friends spent their time playing different games in the yard. They always had a lot of fun.

But one day the rain started. It was really a pitchfork shower!  One of the boy`s buddies offered everyone to play in the rain.

“I don’t want to go outdoors,” the boy said.

“Why? Are you scared?” his best buddy asked.

“No, I don’t want to get sick,” the boy answered.

“You are a chicken-liver!” the second buddy mocked.

“You are a fraidy-cat!” the third buddy added.

All fun-loving friends left the boy. They hopped hilariously outdoors. They rushed frenziedly under thunderstorms.  They jumped joyfully in all dirty pools. They rolled raggedly in all murky puddles. The next day all of them got sick. Three ambulances circles around the village.

The boy looked out of the window and said, “My Granddad is right while saying that though you are not a bird, it is not so bad to be independent.”

Be reasonable and always think with your own head.

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