Instagram as Business

Stories. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk that your Mom read to you at night? Horror stories you heard at a scout camp? Stories about monsters under the bed your kids/sister/brother/nephew told you? Nowadays stories refry to Instagram which is becoming a more and more popular business platform.

Achieving brilliant results with Instagram isn’t as difficult as you might think. There exist some Instagram marketing strategies you can take advantage of. First of all, you should create high-quality content and following some active and successful companies on Instagram to understand what can catch your audience’s attention. “Behind the scenes” content and product photos are examples of business content that works well on Instagram. Instagram stories are a comparatively new attribute within Instagram. It lets you share videos and images in a slideshow format. Using Instagram stories, you can combine the different kinds of content mentioned above. Instagram stories don`t need to be as glossy as your typical posts. And it is great because stories have an informal impact on people. Engagement runs to be higher because they feel as though they are experiencing something “real”. Instagram stories can help your followers stay engaged with your profile. And engaging is extremely vital if you develop your business via Instagram. This will also help your audience feel valued, which means they almost one hundred percent will check in on future content and what is very important, leave a comment. The more comments responding your stories you get, the more popular your account is, and the more people will come across your stories and posts and get interested in and, maybe, stay with you as followers.

So, would you like to create a successful business with the help of Instagram? Create high-quality content. Engage your audience. Reach out to influencers. Create Instagram ads. Run a few contests. And, post more stories! It will surely help you build a better Instagram presence as well as develop your own startup business. Halleluiah!

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