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In the CIS countries, social networks have long been gaining momentum as another channel of communication with the client. Online beckons. Even the owners of the “old school” business, faced with the consequences of COVID-19, are no longer so skeptical about Instagram and online in general. But the problem remains the same: the number of unsuccessful attempts to advance is many times greater than successful ones. Why does it happen? High competition, inappropriate social network, truncated coverage, or maybe a “non-working” target? Let’s speak frankly, the whole point is the initial development of your product and the further strategy for promoting it on Instagram, or rather, its absence.

Here are some examples of how not to do it:

  • Publish a million posts and put a sea of ​​hashtags to always be in the feed of subscribers.
  • “We are a company with ten years of experience, so we just create an Instagram account and people will come to us themselves.”
  • “Competitors have social networks, so we need to.”
  • “Let the salon administrator at the same time be responsible for the promotion on Instagram, she also has free time.”
  • “We do not need a strategy, let’s just do it as competitors.”
  • “Our target audience is everything, and we do not need a unique selling proposition. Just write that we are the best on the market. ”
  • “Let’s quickly launch the target — we need sales.”

Do you feel the problem? It is unlikely that you have exactly the same approach to promoting your business offline. So the first thing to do is to start taking Instagram seriously.

Okay, a global approach has been identified. Your profile is created, issued, what to do next? Before disassembling an account by bones, pass an express test.

None of these questions should cause you a hitch:

  1. What is your business profile about?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. Why is it worth subscribing to your company profile?
  4. Why is your product better than others?
  5. How to buy your product?

Now put yourself in the place of your client, look at the account from the outside and once again answer these questions. If everything matches – bingo! Feel free to start promoting your profile. Attention! This does not mean that 100% successful success awaits you further, it just says that the profile, at first glance, is ready for advancement. There are very few “excellent students” in passing this test, and if you are not among them, then further tips will be very relevant to you!

In Instagram, we fight for the time of each client. Time is the first advance you receive from it. You have literally 5 seconds to catch the attention of the visitor and convey the desired message.

Profile heading is the first thing a client sees

  • Pay attention to your nickname. It should be simple, understandable and memorable. Do not put double, triple underscores if your name is already taken. Look for an alternative.
  • An avatar must display your product or company. Make sure that it is of good quality, does not contain small, unreadable text, and in general so that it is clear what is depicted on it.
  • Indicate in the “Name” line (in the profile description) several keywords by which your account can be found in the search. Put yourself in the place of your consumer: how would you look for your product? What exactly would drive into the search?
  • Profile Description – Your creeping line. It is here that you should note your main advantage. Try to hook. Do not waste symbols on delivery information throughout the country – in the 21st century, this will not surprise anyone.
  • Fill in all contacts. Paste the link to the site or direct link to WhatsApp. Set up all communication methods. Be sure to check their performance.
  • Highlights (favorites; current) – as menu items. This is a place where you can indicate additional information. Write down for yourself all the questions that a potential client may have, and based on them create highlight folders. Create covers for them in the style of your profile and headline. Important – limit yourself to 5-6 folders, not more. Do not forget to periodically update them and clean the old. This is especially true for everyone’s favorite Sale folder.

Use the design to convey the mood of your company.

  • Your account must have a style. If the company has primary colors, use them. Or, conversely, create a unique design, building on the interests of your audience.
  • Poor quality photos, captured, taken on the Internet with other people’s logos, showing your product on the disadvantageous side – an absolute taboo. To exaggerate a bit, imagine for an analogy that your post is an advertisement on a billboard. Think twice before exposing it.
  • Plan your content in advance. Then you definitely will not have the risk of putting something wrong or forgetting about some kind of information line.

Remember that text is the voice of your company.

  • Do not write a post for the sake of the post, there must be a definite purpose and some meaning. Communicate your benefits to your clientele. Building on the interests of your audience, this will give you a huge layer of ideas for writing good texts.
  • Check your post for stylistic, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • If the text is long, divide it into paragraphs, add markers, and make it easier to read.
  • Do not overdo it with emoji.
  • Do not forget about the bright headline.
  • Your content plan should have a sales funnel developed. When compiling, you must clearly understand when, where, and how you “sell.”
  • Do not spam hashtags. Put only the necessary and in small quantities.

Do not hide from the client

  • Respond to all comments.
  • Follow the negativity in your profile.
  • Post reviews periodically.
  • Create a sales script for Direct.
  • Use Stories and IG-TV as an additional tool to deliver the right information and increase customer confidence.

Promotion on Instagram is a constant, demanding work. As long as you are looking for excuses for tight budgets, claiming that the market is crowded or this niche is not for you, your competitors are making a profit.

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