International Round Table with Publishers ‘Modern challenges and trends in the creative industries!’

May 13, 202. Kyiv. At Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, the International Round Table with Publishers ‘Modern challengers and trends in the creative industries’ was conducted by Associate Professor Larisa G.Masimova, Chief of the Department of Publishing and Editing, Professor Leonid M.Novokhatko, Chief of the Department of Advertising, and Professor Viktoria L.Ivashenko.

The International Round Table and its Master classes were attended by well-known Ukrainian publishers including Olexandr Afonin, President of the Publishing Association ‘Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Sellers,’ Marjana Savka, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Vydavnytstvo Starogo Leva’, Illia Fedienko, Manager of ‘Shkola’ Publishing House, Alla Istomina, Director of ‘ADEF-Ukraine’ Publishing House. The leaders of the publishing business of Ukraine shared their vision on the new realities, caused by the long-drawn pandemic and discussed the creative business way outs from the lockdown deadlocks.

The prominent book publishers from Finland, we mean Tuula Pere, a famous children writer from Wickwick Publishing house, and Pekka Pere, Chairman of the Board Coup4, were impressed by the ingenuity of their Ukrainian colleagues, and with sincere smiles revealed some know-how ideas helping them to stay afloat during the harsh lockdown period. Their tips about the rivalry with powerful publishing houses also were highly appreciated by the whole well-disposed audience.

Also, the conference was visited by good and well-respected partners of KUBG from Spain — Luiz Peres, Lecturer from Girona University, Silvia-Espinosa, Professor from Girona University, Lecturer from Girona University. Their European and Academic messages about creativity and approaches to its augmentation and amelioration were attentively analyzed by all participants of this e-meeting.

The unforgettable presentation on ‘Creativity Thinking Strategies’ was made by Associate Professor Oksana Sedashova, Ambassador of Creativity in Ukraine, who impressed the whole International audience with the flux of illuminating ideas and slides on this highly demanded topic.

The youth did not trail behind. Katerina Repik, the second-year student from the Department of Publishing and Editing, staged a sparkling master class on ‘Monetization of Media’ topic. The only shortcoming of it was that her presentation was too short and the attending Professors failed to jot down all her recommendations how to make money in the contemporary multimedia. However, she left the video copy…

Surely, it is hard to convey all emotions and mention all participants in this article. However, one thing is clear – the International Round Table turned out to be successful! Publishing specialists want to communicate and to exchange their experience. If we have a desire, we overcome all obstacles…We shall overcome!

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