“The electronic universe is nothing else
like a shameless cheater
open expression of the Antichrist.”

M. McLuen

In our time, the Internet has become one of the main ways of communication and knowledge of new information over long distances. Each of us, without much effort, can learn about the events in different countries – this is the essence of the “global village” by the works of Marshal McLuen.

The biggest and most significant plus in the interconnection of the Internet and the “global village” is that Every person at any time can easily communicate with another, even if the distance between you and Thousand Kilometers. Popular nowadays social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Viber messengers undeniably ease our lives and open up all opportunities. Access to free communication and Getting Desirable News is an undoubted advantage of the “global village” in the women’s skin of us.

Also, the advantage can be attributed to the fact that the very notion of “global village” implies a certain cohesion of the mass media product connoisseurs. A person feels like a piece of some great mechanism, if “in the course” of the last events, is able to support the conversation and feels more respectful. A certain factor of self-assertion of personality in front of oneself.

Does a “global village” have negative consequences for us? Marshal McLuen at his work sections of the media on “hot” and “cold.” To the hot ones, he referred to those Ways of communicating information that make us, ordinary people, submerged over the information we give ourselves to, and not contradict it with our outlook. A striking example of “hot” media can be called the newspaper and, in general, all print media. “Cold” media are those that exclude the possibility of a person rethinking information due to its vivid reflection. A striking example is a television. It was the television, according to McLuen, which involved the contemporary society in the era of letter writing, where the information was distributed instantaneously and it could easily be ripped off. Yes, in comparison with the printed media, a person does not have the ability to “build” his worldview. Human beings just give and share information and in the intuitive level the printed media just spits it in our souls in the very form in which it was filed. However, what can you say about the Internet in this case? In my opinion, the metaphorical concept of “global village” in the context of the Internet has even worse and more tragic influence on the outlook of each of us compared to television. I firmly make sure that all news given to us on the World Wide Web are passed through the prism of the subjective opinion of who wrote about it. In this way, there is a “zombie” of personalities, as a result of which there is only one person, common opinion at all. Any news may NOT be re-evaluated from a particular point of view. She is guilty of submitting from an objective point of view, and each person then forms his opinion. Only this way of submitting information will be eliminated, or not the only drawback of the “global village” from the life of the skin of us. Alone, not everyone understands the importance and the global nature of this problem. We are aware of such “one-way” perceptions of information.

The negative consequences can also be attributed to the fact that the world network reduces the distance between Users, hour and space cease to play an important role – eroding any boundaries, mixing traditions, cultural values. This again produces one, municipal opinion at all. The individuality of an individual is forbidden, the mass output is on the forefront.

The quote that I’m referring to an epigraph to this essay, in my opinion, most accurately applies the entire Essence of the Electronic Network in our time. The epithet of “The Unscientific Liar” most clearly opens the World Web of the present. The amount of veiled, false, undisclosed information is several hundred times greater than Truly True, for the information that some people can themselves recognize and re-evaluate, draw their Conclusions and formulate their position.

The Internet will always be the most effective way of realizing the “global village. And in my opinion, we cannot do anything with this because I and EVERYONE of us are active users of the Internet. The phenomenon of “global village” cannot be rooted out of our lives forever; it has been, is and will be in its various forms. The most viable and well-grounded solution will be to understand the phenomenon of the “global village” and try not to fall under the influence of some thought. How to do it? I assure you, almost not real, it fully confirms the theory of “the agenda”, that is, if we did not uniquely try news, it would seem that everyone and everything could fall into our lives. And this is normal. Start with your own thoughts, make sure that the “cold” media re-focus on your head at the “hot” LEVEL. So, remember, that “Truth will make you free.” One pinch of truth is worth a pile of lies.

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