Interview Types

While preparing for a job interview, it is desirable to remember that they could differ a lot. It could confuse you a bit, especially when your head is stuffed with all basic and additional information relating to the vacant place you want to take. So, look through these variants. Who knows, maybe, one day they will be useful for you.

Structured interview. You are asked questions in a sequence that is not related to your answers. The HR manager will assess how well you fit into the corporate culture of the company, check whether the information provided in the resume is true.

Project interview. You are asked to comment on any situation, presented orally, or drawn. The idea is that by talking about other people’s actions, you will reveal your personal qualities.

Situational interview. You are asked to describe your actions in a fictional situation. Based on your answer, they will make a conclusion about how you will work if you are hired.

Competency interview. Your answer is evaluated only from one point of view – whether there was a hint on the personal qualities necessary for the employer. The recruiter evaluates your professionalism, models of behavior, reveals the presence of experience in solving problems.

Stressful interview. You are provoked by deliberately trying to create a conflict. When asking provocative questions, the HR manager pays attention not to the answer itself, but to how you react to what is happening. The purpose of this type of interview is to assess conflict and stress.

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